Walk your pet dog 101 miles (day 27)

Ace and I have three a lot more days to go, and we are at 87.22 miles. So far I’ve biked about 12 of those miles, and I plan to bike some a lot more with Ace in the next couple of days. He gets a better workout and I get a break. If you are interested in biking with your dog, I recommend a bike leash for dogs.

After a 10-mile run with my pet dog on Thursday followed by some birthday celebrating, I had some pretty weak days as far as exercising. because I did so lots of miles consistently earlier in the month, we will still be able to reach our 101 miles even after taking two days off from walking.

The reason for my success this month compared to last is entirely based on my commitment to exercise with my pet dog first thing in the morning every day. Sure, the weather has been warmer, but cold and snow were not my excuses in March. My problem was time management.

When I set 30-day challenges for myself, it’s easy to become borderline obsessive about the challenge. I’ll freak out about not accomplishing something, and it the whole goal ends up being a lot more stressful than it’s worth.

But this month I’ve made sure not to consider walking my pet dog to be a “chore” or task to get done. I always see it as time to relax, time I’m lucky to have.

During our longer run last Thursday, I looked at it as an opportunity. who else has the freedom and ability to run 10 miles on a weekday morning? who else has a great pet dog ready to identify along? Ikke mange.

Fargo Marathon

With the Fargo Marathon coming up in less than two weeks, all kinds of runners have been out. anywhere I look, there are runners. Some are just delighted the weather is warm – where were they in January? Others are undoubtedly trying to get a last-minute long run in before the big race.

I’m ecstatic to take part in the upcoming half marathon. A friend and I will be running it together, and neither of us have set any kind of time goal. We’re going to take it easy and run the 13.1 miles simply because we can. In previous races I’ve gone out to set personal records or make dedications to lost family members. This year it’s all about enjoying the experience. It’s mostly about me.

But a big part of me is that big black mutt who’s always at my side. regrettably he won’t be included in this race and for good reasons. Dogs equal pet dog bites, pet dog crap and Flexi leashes. As bad as I wish I could race with my mutt, dogs don’t belong on a busy marathon course.

For Fargo runners interested in racing with their dogs, the F-M Bridge to Bridge Bash is not necessarily pet dog friendly, but dogs are tolerated. Ace participated in the five-mile race with me in 2007 after I made sure to get authorization from the race director. The 2009 event is scheduled for Sept. 19.

Will you be participating in any races this year?

April miles: 87.22

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