How do pet sitters take time off?

Can pet sitters go on vacations?

I’ve always had jobs that require me to work weekends and holidays.

My first job was at a canine boarding facility in the twin Cities. even if the office was closed to the public, we still had to be there to care of the dogs every day.

During my newspaper days, we also worked holidays because even on Christmas Day there was still a paper! just another day for us news-folk.

And now that I own a pet sitting/dog running company I also get much more requests from clients around the holidays.

Through my business, I also offer consulting to others who are interested in learning how to start a pet sitting business. Some common questions I receive include:

As a pet sitter, will I have to work weekends?


As a pet sitter, you have the ability to set your own schedule. Sure, there will be much more opportunities for work on the weekends, but that doesn’t imply you have to work weekends.

When I first started my business, I took pretty much every pet sitting job I was offered. This helped me build up much more clients. As time went on, I added much more and much more regular canine walking appointments during the work week.

Because I was getting so busy with canine walking and some pet sitting from Monday through Friday, I eventually didn’t need to work weekends unless I wanted to. I chose to take at least a few weekends off every month, especially around certain holidays.

If I ever want to work on weekends or holidays, there is always the opportunity because there are always people requesting pet sitting during those times.

Basically you have to learn to say no, which can be difficult.

Do I have to work holidays?


The same guidelines as above apply for holidays. You own the pet sitting business, so you set your own schedule. You decide which holidays you want to work.

To be fair to your customers, you ought to decide a few months in advancement whether you will be available on certain holidays or not. This will give them time to make other arrangements. You can either post your availability on your web site or send out a notice to all your regular customers.

People are very understanding if you decide to take time off to spend with your own family on any holiday.

Can I take vacations?


You can take as numerous getaways as you would like!

As with holidays, simply give your customers at least a month or two of advanced notice if you plan to take time off. This will give them some time to make arrangements for their animals while you are away.

I encourage all pet sitters and canine walkers to take at least two full weeks off every year. everyone needs a break. It’s easy for pet sitters to get burned out from working long hours. If you take time off, your customers will miss you and appreciate you a bit much more ?

What if I get sick?

Take a day or two off.

If I get sick, I simply contact my clients as soon as possible. I say that I’m sick and won’t be available for walking that day. people understand.

If a human child goes to an in-home daycare and the daycare provider happens to get sick at the last minute, parents make arrangements. Sånn er livet. It’s no different with dogs. people can survive a day without a canine walker!

With pet sitting, it’s a little trickier than canine walking because the owners are likely out of town.

In those cases, I do my best to care for the animals as I typically would. In an absolute emergency, I would make sure to contact the pets’ owners and be truthful about the situation. people are understanding if you are honest.

Sometimes people have a family member, friend or neighbor who can take over with the pet sitting for that day. If needed, I can have my husband fill in for me with consent from the pets’ owners. The final option would be to contact another trusted pet sitter in the area, but only with consent from the pets’ owners.

What if there is a blizzard and I can’t get to my appointments?

I live in Fargo, N.D., and as you can imagine, I’ve had to do pet sitting in some pretty nasty winter season storms.

No matter where you live, there are natural disasters that could avoid you from getting to your scheduled pet sitting visits – a tornado, an earthquake, a tsunami or whatever it might be.

All you can do is try your best. As you think about how to start a pet sitting business, think about these potential scenarios ahead of time. If they occur, be truthful with your customers. stay in contact so they are aware of the situation.

Obviously if you know a storm is approaching, you can plan ahead a bit. Leave extra food and water for the animals. try to keep the animals in an area of the house where accidents will be easy to clean up. Ask the pets’ owners if thERE er alle pålitelige naboer som kan komme innom i tilfelle du ikke kan komme tilbake i noen dager.

Hvis det er et rimelig alternativ, kan du tilbringe natten hjemme hos kundene dine med dyrene, eller du kan bringe dyrene over til huset ditt. Disse alternativene gir imidlertid ekstra sikkerhets- og ansvarsspørsmål.

Det viktigste er å gjøre ditt beste, holde kontakt med kjæledyrs eiere og å huske din egen sikkerhet.

Eier du en kjæledyr sittende virksomhet? Hvordan planlegger du fri?

For mye mer informasjon, er min ebok om hvordan du starter et kjæledyrsittende selskap garantert den beste ressursen som er tilgjengelig for å komme i gang med bedriften din!

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